Commissioning Adam Scudder

Why Commission?

As a design & build company, Adam Scudder’s custom woodwork shop delivers original design and  “client-specific”  products fabricated from high quality materials.
Traditional craftsmanship and solid wood joints such as dovetails and mortise & tenons ensure long lasting, heirloom quality work.

The Design Process

Designing starts with you – what is your project vision? – Is it for home or the office?  – Describe your vision to me . . .

In order to create a design for you, we need to review the space in which the finished project will live. This can be accomplished with photographs but often a personal visit is required.

The initial impression is followed by discussions and up to 3 sketches we make based on the setting and your preferences for style, scale and materials selection.

Communication is critical to a successful design project. A small design fee is required to pursue further revisions and scale models that bring the project closer to life.

Who Do We Work For?

Adam Scudder Woodworking can work with you and/or your designer. Once we receive your deposit to confirm our commitment to each other, the project is scheduled and a timeline developed.

For extensive and complex projects, we may post photos in a private post of the Woodworker’s Blog for your convenience, so critique and feedback are more easily facilitated. Share the design and construction process with your family and friends as we engage together in this journey of the creation of your unique project.

Please email with any questions; I would be happy to discuss your ideas and design for you!