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Commissioning Adam Scudder

As a design & build company, Adam Scudder’s custom woodwork shop delivers original design and  “client-specific”  products fabricated from high quality materials. Traditional craftsmanship and solid wood joints like dovetails or mortise & tenons ensure heirloom quality work.

The Design Process

Designing starts with you, what you need and where it goes.
In order to create a design for you, we’ll discuss the purpose and that will naturally affect the appearance. We’ll also review the space in which the finished project will live. This can be accomplished with photographs but often a personal visit is required.
The initial impression is followed by discussions and up to 3 sketches I’ll make based on the setting and your preferences for style, scale and materials selection.
Communication is critical to a successful design project. A small design fee is required to pursue further revisions or scale models that bring the project closer to life.

Contact Adam Scudder

Adam’s shop is located at the northern Catskills, upstate New York.
Call weekdays 607.434.8336

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From our upstate New York design and fabrication shop, we service Manhattan and greater New England.